Course of the event

This year, various activities will be offered to you during the Forum By INSA throughout October 25. You will then be able to take an interest in the various workshops, conferences and round tables that will punctuate this day. To understand the purpose of each, here’s a quick summary of what to expect.


10h-11h : Ils ont entrepris ! Feedback from INSA engineers on entrepreneurship

11h-12h : Engineering abroad: personal and professional enrichment

14h30-15h30 : First job: integrating into the workforce

16h-17h : The role of engineers in the ecological transition


LinkedIn profil proofreading

What ? An individual speed meeting with a consultant trainer during which you can identify areas for improvement allowing you to make LinkedIn a real tool for job search. The proofreading will be based on 3 elements of study: profile, communication and network.

Who ? The 636 agency (social media strategy consulting company) and the PPI

Where ? Salle 108 STPI

When ? 4 sessions: 9h-10h30, 11h-12h30, 13h30-15h, 15h30-17h

How many ? 36 people maximum per session

Emotional intelligence

What ? Through significant incidents in history, Jean-Christophe shows how our ability to perceive emotions, understand them, integrate them to facilitate and nourish thought promote personal fulfillment and collective performance. If you have trouble controlling your stress in exams, orals or job interviews, this workshop is for you!

Who ? Jean-Christophe Thibaud (professional coach certified HEC Paris) and the PPI

Where ? Salle 9 STPI

When ? 10h-12h

How many ? 50 people maximum


What ?

Who ? Ewan Belbeoch (Sales & Account Manager at AirBusiness Academy) and the PPI

Where ? Salle 9 STPI

When ? 14h-15h30

How many ? 50 people maximum

Before the forum

Several workshops will be offered to students before the forum

How to effectively approach and convince a recruiter

What ? Approaching recruiters on the day of the Forum is quite an art! Upstream preparation, attitude to adopt or catchphrase, Mrs. Bertona offers a workshop in which she will bring together her best advice to quickly convince a recruiter in the context of the Forum and how to follow up on this first exchange!

Who ? Laurence Bertona (Trainer and professional coach at INSA Toulouse Alumni)

Where ?

When ? October 19th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

How many ? No limit prior signup

CV proofreading and individualized advice

What ? Throughout the afternoon, you will be able to come and gather valuable advice on both substance and form so that your CV is perfect for the Forum.

Who ? Laurence Bertona (Trainer and professional coach at INSA Toulouse Alumni)

Where ?

When ? October 20th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

How many ? No limit and no signup

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Contact Lucie Schmitt, head of the business unit to find out more.

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