INSA Toulouse

With over 18,000 graduated engineers, present in all economic sectors, the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées of Toulouse is a pluridisciplinary, international and public engineering school. It is renowned for its excellent five-year program, attracting top-tier students.

A wide selection of engineering students

500 Yearly graduates

8 specialties :

  • Biological engineering
  • Water, energy and environmental works engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronic automatic engineering
  • Physical engineering
  • Computer and network engineering
  • Applied mathematics engineering

An innovative pedagogy attentive to tomorrow's needs

  • More autonomous learning thanks to problem and project-based pedagogy
  • Student-centered methodology to stimulate adaptability
  • Humanist engineer training in line with current societal challenges
  • Active reflections on the social responsibility of engineers

Training in line with the needs of research and industry

Its teaching, tied to the most recent scientific advances, is strongly based on the activity of leading research laboratories, supported by large industrial groups, in the field of new materials for aeronautics, for example, environmental preservation technologies or nano-objects.

The international aspect has been a priority for the school since its creation, which has gradually set up international courses. On campus, one in five students is foreign.

The promotions welcome students with diverse profiles: technological baccalaureate holders, engineers in apprenticeship and continuous education. Openness to the world also means the civic engagement of students, strongly supported and valued within the school system.

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